Download Maps on Playbook

Dear Playbook users,
unfortunately BlackBerry is no longer supporting your tablet. Therefore the security certificates that are regularly renewed as a best practice by nogago are no longer accepted by the device.

To download maps please use the workaround solution and visit and download the offline maps using your PC or Mac using your regular username.

In a second step please transfer the downloaded files (file ending .obf) into the nogago storage directory that is available under /misc/android/nogago in device memory of the Playbook. Map files loaded this way will not display in the list of downloaded maps, but will work if you zoom into a location that is covered by the map.

As an optional step, you can rename the maps to have them also appear in the downloaded maps list.

For instance I just downloaded the Miami area map (63240288.obf) and then renamed it to (Miami;e.63240288.obf) and now it appears in my list of Maps as “Miami (East)”

(Our thanks go to John Radford for pointing this out).

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