nogago Tracks GPX Import Android 7

Dear users,
we have just published a new version of nogago Tracks that fixes the import of GPX files on Android 7 devices. While fixing the GPX import, we also have expanded the functionality and can now handle GPX files with rte and rtept elements as well.

Best regards,

Your nogago team

Urgent news for BlackBerry users: We say goodbye to AppWorld, and hello to Snap.

Dear (fellow) BlackBerry enthusiasts.

we stopped distributing nogago apps through BlackBerry AppWorld.

BlackBerry 10 users can continue to download our apps via the Google Play client Snap free of charge. For owners of Android-based BlackBerry devices, our apps continue to be available from Google Play (nogago Maps, nogago Tracks) free of charge.

We have just published an update to the nogago Maps app on Google Play that adjusts font size for high device resolutions and makes downloading of maps directly from the app again possible. A user account is no longer required to download maps. Users of older versions can install maps by downloading them with a browser and copying the map files into the nogago folder on your smartphone or tablet.

Best regards,

the nogago team

Download of maps currently not possible through app

We will release an update to the Android app as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile you can download maps via a browser from

Thanks for your consideration

nogago support

Download Maps on Playbook

Dear Playbook users,
unfortunately BlackBerry is no longer supporting your tablet. Therefore the security certificates that are regularly renewed as a best practice by nogago are no longer accepted by the device.

To download maps please use the workaround solution and visit and download the offline maps using your PC or Mac using your regular username.

In a second step please transfer the downloaded files (file ending .obf) into the nogago storage directory that is available under /misc/android/nogago in device memory of the Playbook. Map files loaded this way will not display in the list of downloaded maps, but will work if you zoom into a location that is covered by the map.

As an optional step, you can rename the maps to have them also appear in the downloaded maps list.

For instance I just downloaded the Miami area map (63240288.obf) and then renamed it to (Miami;e.63240288.obf) and now it appears in my list of Maps as “Miami (East)”

(Our thanks go to John Radford for pointing this out).

Download service on BlackBerry 10 works again

The download service is working again on BlackBerry10. Unfortunately we had to switch back from LetsEncrypt to Thawte as providers of SSL certificates, since BlackBerry – unlike all other mobile platforms and modern web browsers – does not accept certificates from LetsEncrypt – just another sign that support and staff for BlackBerry10 maintenance have vanished…

Track management

Get tracks for your adventures

and store your track with nogago

My Tracks

Find tracks from the web

Plan your own track

Have nogago compute a track

Improved track display and sharing

Tracks uploaded to can now be made public and shared with the world.


Simply tick the “Make track publically available” checkbox in the lower left corner of the track display screen. Anyone with the link can look at the track. Users can also download the GPX file (if they have a account).


In the upcoming releases of nogago Tracks you will be able to share your adventures with your friends and the world right out of the app by posting directly in the social network of your preference or emailing the link. To make this possible tracks uploaded will be by public by default. You can disable the sharing and make your track private at any time by logging into and choosing the track from your personal track list.

The display of tracks shows totals for important statistics as well as an animated chart. Moving with your finger/mouse over the chart will display the stats on top of the map. We have incorporated Google Maps to provide a satellite view as well and even street views for areas where these images are available (drag the man on the map to switch to street view).

BlackBerry10: Simple Online Map in Tracks

The simple online map that is known from prior versions of nogago Tracks is still available in the app.



Just make the appriorate settings in the app settings (available below the vertical .,.)tracks-update-2

Scroll Down further to find “Maps” below App Settings. Click on Map, ensure that the first check bos “Preferred map provider” is disabled (better click on it twice to make sure the change is made).


nogago Maps for BlackBerry 10 update

Our new version provides track recording and navigation features. The recording and track management is handled by nogago Tracks, which available free of charge.
Please follow these steps, if AppWorld fails to update the app:
1) Deinstall the app
2) Navigate to “My Apps” in BlackBerry AppWorld  (Open AppWorld, in Appworld press button on bottom left, then choose “My World” in the list)
3) Choose “My Apps and Games” (first entry) then press button on top right “Available”
4) Find “nogago Maps” in your list of installed or purchased apps
5) Download App. Approve security settings requested during installation.
6) Open App as usual.
7) Restore your favorites using the context menu entry “Import”  available below (…) button (Under OS 10.1, if action bar is hidden swipe down from top to restore the bar, then press (…), then button “Import)
Please also check all settings (presented by clicking on Settings Button on Home menu).
Thanks for your patience and understanding !

nogago Tracks for BlackBerry 10 update

We have updated nogago Tracks to work with BlackBerry 10.2. This resulted in an update of the major layouts of the app.

New Layout of Tracks 10.2

OS 10.2 Layout

The major new features are based on the integration with nogago Maps. nogago Maps can now be used as a map display, which provides search, navigation, and (topographics) offline map display to nogago Tracks.
Using the new “Play” function, you can also navigate (turn by turn and with voice guidance) along tracks for trails that you have imported using the GPX format. Further we have fixed many bugs and made some small improvements. We are now working on a new feature that will make importing and downloading tracks from major track sharing portals such as GPSies or EveryTrail simpler and thereby will improve your experience for trip planning and track navigation.

IMPORTANT NOTE on updating from prior versions !

Unfortunately we had to learn that BlackBerry AppWorld cannot automatically update the app. Please proceed as follows to update

  1. Open the Tracks app
  2. Open “Settings” by clicking on (…)
  3. Open “Backup” by clicking on Backup near the bottom of the settings list
  4. Perform a backup of your tracks by clicking “Backup”
  5. Stop the app completely using the BlackBerry 10 gesture (swipe up to minimize it, thenclick on x)
  6. Deinstall the app by pressing long on the app icon, then on the small trash bin that appears on the top right corner of the app
  7. Open AppWorld, find nogago Tracks by searching for “nogago” or “Tracks”
  8. Download the app
  9. Open the Tracks app, follow the first installation dialogs if they are presented to you
  10. Proceed to the settings menu by clicking on (…), navigate to Backup (near bottom of the settings list), now press restore, choose a backup of your choice

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for our ignorance of the update issue beforehand and providing instructions in the update message of the release.

Please use the following screenshots as further guidance for the update process:

tracks-update-1 tracks-update-2 tracks-update-3 IMG_00000076 tracks-update-4 tracks-update-5 tracks-update-6 tracks-update-7

nogago is a Volz Innovation company