nogago Guide – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I learn more about using nogago apps ?
Please read our user manual.

My account is not activated?
Please check your spam filter for our registration email, mark our message as not being spam, and click on the link in the activation mail. If you cannot find the message at all, contact our support team.

I forgot my password ?
We cannot read your password, as it is stored in encrypted form, you can reset your password at your own using this link.

I forgot my username ?
When purchasing through Appworld and not having a user account before we will use your email-adress (as registered with BlackBerry) as your user name. When registering an account on you can choose your own username. You can be reminded of your username using your email address using this link.

Other questions, don’t hesitate contact our support heroes.

nogago is a Volz Innovation company