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Getting started

Thank you for choosing nogago Guide – the ultimate travel guide!

If you use a BlackBerry:
To unlock your trial version please generate a license key: Sign up and sign in to, go to Account – My Apps. On the right hand side you will find a link to buy this application. To do so you will need your BlackBerry Device-PIN.

Enter your key to activate nogago Outdoor GPS in Options. You will get full access instantly.

nogago Guide Setup nogago Guide Setup Serial Key

If you use nogago Guide for Android or iPhone – it’s free for a limited introduction phase!

Downloading maps (won’t work with the iPhone)

Of course you get maps on the fly while using nogago Guide online. Yet, offline maps are faster, more reliable, cheaper if you travel abroad and you get huge areas in a size of one degree latitude and longitude!

The following step-by-step instructions show how to generate maps on the nogago portal and install them on your device. Steps 1 to 4 only have to be run through when you use the nogago Web Downloader for the first time.

1. When you are logged in to the nogago portal, then go to maps and search for your desired location or city.

2. After clicking the Download button, you will be redirected to the Map-download page. By clicking the “Map” button, you go to step 3.

3. As the following screen shows, the nogago Web Downloader will start (open as a java programm) or be downloaded automatically. To be able to execute this java application please ensure java se is installed. (Java SE for Windows/Mac)

-> If asked, please trust the signed program to execute correctly.

Java-App Certification Trust

4. When the nogago Map Downloader is started for the first time, you are asked to set your preferences.

4. You will be asked where to save your maps locally and where on your Blackberry device. You can select the according folders manually or by autodetermining the directory for your smartphone device. On your Devices SD-Card please save them in the root subfolder /maps. (nogago Outdoor does create the folder /maps/… and /tracks/ on first launch)

After selecting the appropriate folders where to save your maps, save your preferences.

5. Once the nogago Web Downloader is setup up as described in steps 1 to 4, the download of your map will start.

6. Once your map is downloaded into your local directory, you will be able to install it on your smartphone device as shown in the following screenshot. A progressbar shows the installation process.

After successful installation, you can choose to install more maps that are stored locally or you can exit the nogago Web Downloader.

Using nogago Guide

The basic function of the nogago Guide main menu is Go to your position. This item is selectable if your current position is identified by GPS. If it’s greyed out your device is not able to locate your position by GPS or cell info. Please make sure that GPS is activated and gets connected to a GPS satellite. Start a search for your points of interest (POIs) nearby in a map-view.

Go to your position













Start a search for your points of interest (POIs) nearby in a map-view.




If there are POIs nearby, star icons indicate locations of sights and are selectable by click to show related content like photos or Wikipedia articles. Within the rich content you can create a new tour guide or add or remove your POIs to or from an existing tour guide.
Maps are navigated by touch gestures. In online mode 18 zoom levels are available. In offline mode zoom levels are limited between levels 10 and 15.
If you move the center of a map to another position new sights are sought automatically. Results are suggested within the current map and the results-list for list view is updated as well.
If you like to Find a city with name or to Find a sight with name use the specific search dialogues. Any queries are allowed to find cities or regions or specific sights. For example: Search “Paris” or “Louvre”. Once you found a region of interest you can conduct further searches (for sights and places) within.


You will certainly look for special places like hotels or hostels, restaurants, ATMs or public transportation either on your actual location or your desired destination. nogago Guide can show you more than 50 different kinds of places (a list of places that can be found with nogago Guide you find here or in the sreenshot above). In map view select the context menu for places, you then will be asked to type in a query (best you give just the initials) or chose from list. You can switch between map and list view. To adjust density of desired places in map view operate your zoom level. This being so in low zoom levels nogago Guide displays more places than in high zoom levels.

Guide-Android-Sights nearby

Do you want to got to the Louvre? You want to get some information beforhand? Just tip your finger on your desired place, e.g. “Musée du Louvre”. nogago Guide instantly delivers all available Wikipedia background.


Add it to your guide.

Guide-Android-Create guide

And yes, it’s the Louvre where you can visit the most famous smile in the world…


And you want to go there by Metro:


You get a couple of opportunities nearby. If you move the map nogago Guide will load more options.

Guide-Android-Subway-Map view

Displayed as a list…


Select one station to add it to your guide:


Et voilà, you have got a very very litte guided tour through Paris:


Then you go to Manage your guides to open, remove  or download it for offline use, in the next example it’s a small guide through Berlin.


For the use of offline maps which you have downloaded from just copy these maps on your sd card in the “Maps”-folder.

You can also upload it, if you have your account on created and given your credentials in the app options.



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