nogago Outdoor GPS manual

Getting started

Thank you for choosing nogago Outdoor GPS, your outdoor companion for BlackBerry.

1. Download a free copy of nogago Outdoor GPS from BlackBerry AppWorld or sign in to to download it from our site.

2. Generate license key: Sign in to, go to AccountMy Apps. On the right hand side you will find a link to buy this application. To do so you will need your BlackBerry Device-PIN.

3. Enter your key to activate nogago Outdoor GPS in Options. You will get full access instantly.

In some cases, when you update to a newer version of your installed app you have to enter the serial key again, because the application settings have been set back to default during the update. You will find your serial always on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please check FAQs here.

Downloading maps

The following step-by-step instructions show how to generate maps on the nogago portal and install them on your device. Steps 1 to 4 only have to be run through when you use the nogago Web Downloader for the first time.

Of course you get maps on the fly while using nogago Outdoor GPS online. But, offline maps are faster and more reliable in the field…

1. Go to our map-download page and search for your desired location or city.

2. After clicking the Download button, you will be redirected to the Map-download page. By clicking the “Map” button, you go to step 3.

3. As the following screen shows, the nogago Web Downloader will start (open as a java programm) or be downloaded automatically. To be able to execute this java application please ensure java se is installed. (Java SE for Windows/Mac)

-> If asked, please trust the signed program to execute correctly.

Java-App Certification Trust

4. When the nogago Map Downloader is started for the first time, you are asked to set your preferences.

4. You will be asked where to save your maps locally and where on your Blackberry device. You can select the according folders manually or by autodetermining the directory for your smartphone device. On your Devices SD-Card please save them in the root subfolder /maps. (nogago Outdoor does create the folder /maps/… and /tracks/ on first launch)

After selecting the appropriate folders where to save your maps, save your preferences.

5. Once the nogago Web Downloader is setup up as described in steps 1 to 4, the download of your map will start.

6. Once your map is downloaded into your local directory, you will be able to install it on your smartphone device as shown in the following screenshot. A progressbar shows the installation process.

After successful installation, you can choose to install more maps that are stored locally or you can exit the nogago Web Downloader.

Using nogago Outdoor GPS

1. The starting screen is your main menu. Follow or record a track.

nogago Outdoor GPS main menu

There are some additional features like a spotlight, we think it could be very helpful in the field, don’t you?


2. If your device is connected to GPS you can immediately record a track using the controls you may know from you cd player. Press ‘record’ (the round button) and nogago Outdoor GPS will track all your movements. Simply chose your activity and name a track:


3. See direction, distance, speed, altitude. It’s not happening too much if the nogago team goes out for lunch, anyway. Just to let you see what’s the deal with the  few screens of nogago Outdoor GPS.


Also you can edit what’s to be displayed on this panel in Options, from just one up to nine items of values synchronistically such as current speed, average speed, maximum speed, acceleration, distance travelled, distance in lap, distance to go, distance to waypoint, current time, elapsed time, time in lap, sunrise, sunset, time to go, time to waypoint, current altitude, average altitude, maximum altitude, minimum altitude, ascent/descent, latitude, longitude, magnetic variation, quality, course, horizontal acceleration, vertical acceleration, satellites:

4. Next screen: Altitude difference in proportion to speed. That’s very good to know if you are hiking or cycling or skiing in the mountains.

Profile of your activity

5. Follow, analyse or resume your tracks. This is what it looks like when the nogago team is outside doing extreme lunching. 😉

Follow track

6. Stop recording and upload your track to! Your tracks are being stored on your sd card by default. But you also can upload them to to share them or just save it.


To be able to upload plaese don’t forget to create an account on – if you still don’t have one – and to enter your credentials in the application options.


Have fun and never get lost outdoors with nogago Outdoor GPS!

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