nogago Maps Manual

This manual is about using nogagoMaps for Android, BlackBerry 10 und BlackBerry Playbook.

Nogago Maps is perfectly matched navigation-software for hikers, street cyclists and mountainbikers. Useful functions like POI-search, saving of favorites and finding your own position are integrated. Of course, simple use as city-map is also possible.

Big advantage of nogago Maps: Almost all functions can be used without data connection, if you download offline maps.

Despite the multiplicity of possibilities you have with nogago Maps, operation is easy and intuitive – try it!

1 Overview

2 Map data management

2.1 Download contours

3 Attractions

3.1 Show GPX-Track

4 Navigation

5 Map-Search-Favorites

6 Usage examples

6.1 Registration with nogago and Map download

6.2 Address- and Perimeter-Search

6.3 “Where am I”-Function, Navigation, useful Settings

6.4 Favorites management

6.5 POI-Search and -Navigation

6.6 NogagoMaps with nogagoTracks

6.7 Public transport-navigation-service

7 Explanation of symbols and its functions

8 Public transport-Function

9 nogago Maps with nogago Tracks

1 Overview

The six elements of the main menu guide you directly to most important functions of nogago Maps: Map shows your position and line of sight ,if GPS is enabled, on downloaded offline map or online map. Also current or saved GPS-Tracks can be shown. The Navigation allows to search for attractions by name or type. Direct input of address or coordinates is also possible. As well as you can plan your public transport route. In the Favorites all your personal favorite places can be saved by choosing them in the map or put them directly by address. In the Settings you can change navigation-, display- an configuration-settings. With the Map-Download-Button you will be forwarded to map data management. And with the Record a Track-Button nogago Tracks will start to record a GPS-Track and show your track-statistics.

2 Map data management

With this tool you can download offline maps and update or delete existing maps.

To use this function you need a data-connection and a nogago-Account which you can create on nogago-Homepage. If you already have an account you have to enter your credentials in the settings.

To call map data management use Map-Download-Button or map data management in Settings –> Map Configuration

In map data management you can choose a city or region to download. Or you can push the map-download-button in the map. This button only is available if you don´t have the map on your device of the shown area.

If you choose a region you also can download the contours for the region. If you did so you can chose “Hiking-Map”, Bicycle-Map” oder “Mointainbike-Map” in Settings –> Map configuration –> Map style to show contours and routes (from OpenStreetMap) for your choosen activity.

3 Attractions

Für die Suche nach Sehenswertem gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten. Sie können entweder über die Navigation oder über die Karte gefunden werden.

With Navigation you can find POIs with “Search by Name…”-function or by general search for object-type: a close café or cabstand.

In the top line you can find options to “Search near” a specific favorite or coordinate.

In the map you  have also two ways to find your attraction. You can search near a specific position. By long-pressing the map at this point the map context menu is called where you can choose “Search near here”.

Second possiblity is to define the map view by clicking the menu button of your phone. Choose “Define view” –> “POI…” and you can choose an attraction. If you choose “POI labels” in define view menu, the names of chosen objects also will be shown. Go back to map and the chosen objects are displayed

In “Define view” you also can choose “GPX-Track …” to display and follow a track from SD-Card or follow the current redorded Track by nogago Tracks.

4 Navigation

With the routing-function you can find the shortest or fastest way to addresses or POIs!

If you longpress any position in the map or a POI-symbol, a grey small box is shown. By touching this box a context menu appears, where you can choose “Set as destination”. Then you can choose if you want to walk or to cycle and if you want to follow or only to display the calculated route.

If you choose “Follow” in the left of the display next changes of directions are shown. If you want to, you can activate voice guidance.

If you choose “Only show” the way is displayed as orange line and you can display all direction changes in a list.

Simply click follow and routing will start from your current position.

By clicking a favorite in favorites menu you can choose it as destination.

Wether the fastest or shortest route is shown depends on your settings in Settings –> Navigation. Standard is fastest route.

5 Map-Search-Favorites

Map: The Map shows your current position and the line of sight if you are connected to GPS and/or internet

Choose a point on the map: By longpressing any point on the map you choose this point and a grey small box with coordinates is displayed. After clicking this box a menu opens:

Set as start point Set as start point for navigation (only available without GPS or data-connection).
Set as destination Sets this location as destination and starts routing from current position or from last known position if GPS and network connection is disabled.
Search near here Opens the search to search for POIs, addresses, coordinates, public transport stops or favorites.
Add to favorites Save chosen location as favorite.
Share location Share location by mail, SMS or clipboard with friends (needs network connection).

In the same way (long press) you can choose a displayed POI as destination or add to favorites.

Menu button: Clicking the menu button of your phone, up to six options are shown.

Where am I? Centers the map to your current position (needs network connection).
Navigation Opens the search-window to search for POI, addresses, coordinates, public transport stops and favorites.
Define view Settings for displaying POIs, favorites, public transport stops and GPX-Tracks.
Settings Opens the settings

While routing is active, some more options are available:

Clear destination If a destination is chosen it can be deleted here
Stop navigation Stops the navigation
Sound is on/off Turn voice guidance on/off while navigating
Start/Stop animation Starts or stops the animation of the calculated route.

Navigation: Navigation menu has 6 parts:

Attractions You can search for attractions nearby by choosing an attraction from the list (ATM, Pub…) or directly search for something by name. Long click on “Search by name” restricts the search by categories.
Address You can search for complete addresse or a city.
Coordinates You can search directly by coordinates
public transport You can search for the next bus stop or plan your public transport route.
Favorites Choose one of your saved favorites and it will be shown on map.
Recently used You will find all your last searches.

Favorites: Your personal favorites are saved by categories in this menu. You can add them directly from the map or by saving a searched address form navigation menu.

If you click on a favorite it is shown in map. If you long click, a menu appears:

Show on map Favorite is shown on map.
Set as destination Sets the favorite as destination and shows the map.
Edit favorite You can change the name and category of this favorite.
Delete favorite Deletes the favorite from your favorites list.

Das Betätigen der Menü-Taste öffnet 3 Möglichkeiten:

Export Exports your favorites to your SD-Card. Important for Backup, if you plan to delete or reinstall the App
Import Imports a favorites-file from SD-Card.
Delete… Delete single favorites or favorite-categories.

6 Usage Examples

Registration with nogago and map download:

Address- and Perimeter-Search:

“Where am I”-Function, Navigation, useful Settings:

Favorites management:

POI-Search and -Navigation:

NogagoMaps with nogagoTracks:

Public transport-navigation-service:

7 Explanation of symbols and its functions

You can find an overview to symbols in nogago Maps here

8 Public transport function

With this tool you can find your way to the next bus stop. But you also could plan your hole public trasnport route! Chose the according symbol in navigation menu. All stops in a perimeter of 4 kilometers are displayed. Choose one as your point to start and a window appears which contains all stops this public transport line travels along. If you have chosen a destination-stop there are three possibilities: plan a following route, edit your route or end planning-mode. If you end the planning-mode, all your chosen routes will be displayed. Back to map you can watch your route: red squares are entries and exits of your route, green squares are stops to pass.

You can also show all stops in your area in “define view” by clicking menu button of your phone if the map is displayed.

9 nogago Maps und nogago Tracks

With “nogago Tracks” you can record your hiking and biking routes as well as your heartrate. You can show the current recorded track in nogago Maps if you allow access from other apps in nogago Tracks settings. On default the access to tracks is allowed.

Remind: loading map parts online loads your data-traffic and your power. Use nogago offline maps to show your current track and to safe batterie and data-traffic!

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