Outdoor – Changing between screens

Changing between screens:

The different screens available in nogago Outdoor depend on few conditions. Whether you have a GPS fix and ongoing GPS reception and whether you are currently loading or recording a track. Even so, the use of offline maps will only be working when purchased maps are installed on your device’s SD-Card. By pressing key-shortcut “space” or calling this from system-menu you change between the different screens. In MapScreen, you can additionally change between offline and online map mode by pressing key-shortcut “Z” or “Y” and by calling the system-menu. On touch-screen devices you may additionally use the trackball-button to call a screen and action selection popup. To call and change to other applications, but leave nogago Outdoor active as background process press and hold blackberry-button until the active application selection appears. To close the application select the system-menu “close” or use the key-shortcut “X“.

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