nogago Maps for BlackBerry 10 update

Our new version provides track recording and navigation features. The recording and track management is handled by nogago Tracks, which available free of charge.
Please follow these steps, if AppWorld fails to update the app:
1) Deinstall the app
2) Navigate to “My Apps” in BlackBerry AppWorld  (Open AppWorld, in Appworld press button on bottom left, then choose “My World” in the list)
3) Choose “My Apps and Games” (first entry) then press button on top right “Available”
4) Find “nogago Maps” in your list of installed or purchased apps
5) Download App. Approve security settings requested during installation.
6) Open App as usual.
7) Restore your favorites using the context menu entry “Import”  available below (…) button (Under OS 10.1, if action bar is hidden swipe down from top to restore the bar, then press (…), then button “Import)
Please also check all settings (presented by clicking on Settings Button on Home menu).
Thanks for your patience and understanding !

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