Improved track display and sharing

Tracks uploaded to can now be made public and shared with the world.


Simply tick the “Make track publically available” checkbox in the lower left corner of the track display screen. Anyone with the link can look at the track. Users can also download the GPX file (if they have a account).


In the upcoming releases of nogago Tracks you will be able to share your adventures with your friends and the world right out of the app by posting directly in the social network of your preference or emailing the link. To make this possible tracks uploaded will be by public by default. You can disable the sharing and make your track private at any time by logging into and choosing the track from your personal track list.

The display of tracks shows totals for important statistics as well as an animated chart. Moving with your finger/mouse over the chart will display the stats on top of the map. We have incorporated Google Maps to provide a satellite view as well and even street views for areas where these images are available (drag the man on the map to switch to street view).

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